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Its been a dream of mine to have a store like The Fussy Duck since the late 90’s and I never thought it would truly happen until one day my sister in-law said “you should try it”…So if you remember back to 2010, the economy was at the lowest of lows and this was the time I chose to try out this dream of mine πŸ™‚ I told myself “if you can open a store now during the recession and make it work then you will be successful”. The original location was a great place to get started but we found after the first year that we needed more space so we knew we needed to start looking for a new building.

Here we are 5 years later and we are still going strong. We moved in February 2014 from our original building of 3300 sq ft into our current location of 10,500 sq ft and our goal was to just fill the main floor before we opened and then we could fill the lower floor as time goes by. We had to do a little bit of work painting, tearing out a small wall, changing all 250 light bulbs to LED and laying out the vendors space on the floor before we could even think about moving in. And then it started snowing.  All I could think was this is going to mess with our opening date we had set?

Well the snow finally melted and we were able to start showing our then current vendors the new space and let them choose their new home in our beautiful new building. Word got out that we were moving and all the sudden things just started happening and guess what, we had filled the main floor and half the lower level before we were even ready to start the move πŸ™‚

In my crazy mind I thought we could pull off the move in 7 days, so I closed the old store and we all started moving everything (had you been to our old building?) OMG that was a lot of stuff to move and half way through that 7 days I thought, what were you thinking??? 7 days to move this store and get it all decorated and open at the new location, hahaha. Well guess what, we did it and it was beautiful. My husband kept saying “sleep is for wimps”. We could have never pulled off the move without the help of our family, friends, and of course all of our wonderful vendors.

Customers always ask if we like our new digs. All I can say is this was the best decision we ever made. Hubby quit his job to come help me run this huge store and we have become the premier location to shop for “Gifts, Home Decor, Funky Junk, & More” in the Salem-Keizer area.


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  1. I am pondering the idea of becoming a vendor with a very eclectic collection of childhood toys, antiques etc. How would I go about finding out cost, procedures for set up, is there a long term contract for a booth, etc? I would love to chat with you about this possibility. Thank you! -Melinda


    1. Hi Melinda, Sorry I just saw this message from you…Give us a call at 503-910-5639 to set up an appt and come see us at the store and we can give you all the details as well as show you around. We hope to see you soon at The Fussy Duck πŸ™‚


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