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I was dreaming of the Fussy Duck in the late 90’s as a floral designer, never thinking I could make the dream of owning my own store come true. Years later, I decided to go for it and we started looking for a building. We looked at several and then ended up finding a space,

it was actually about double what we wanted but decided to take the entire 3300 sq ft. And so the dream began. Now of course, we would need to choose a name! I had paired down my long list to two names: Risaspieces and The Fussy Duck. A friend found the street in east Salem named “The Fussy Duck” and that was the one… so it began! ♥️♥️♥️

Friday the 13th was a lucky day for our family since Jim was born on a Friday the 13th so we decided August 13th 2010 was THE day I would open! It was such a special day. And that my friends, is why we have a sale EVERY FRIDAY THE 13th!

Within the first year we were open, I knew the building was too small so, and it took a year or so to find the perfect spot. I was looking for 5000 sq ft when my realtor (thank you Ruth) called and said she had a gorgeous building, but it was 10,500 sq ft. I had to go home and draw it out on graph paper to see if it would work as The Fussy Duck.

I made the decision to close our old building and have the new one up and running in 7 DAYS! What was I thinking?!?!? We didn’t sleep a wink that whole week but, we did it, opening on February 20, 2014 in our new big beautiful building.

Like all small businesses, we have struggled over the last few years due to Covid, but are still kicking! We appreciate each and every one of our vendors and pickers for making the Fussy Duck what it is today and are so grateful for all our amazing customers that have stuck with us through thick and thin. Thank you SO MUCH!!



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  1. I am pondering the idea of becoming a vendor with a very eclectic collection of childhood toys, antiques etc. How would I go about finding out cost, procedures for set up, is there a long term contract for a booth, etc? I would love to chat with you about this possibility. Thank you! -Melinda


    1. Hi Melinda, Sorry I just saw this message from you…Give us a call at 503-910-5639 to set up an appt and come see us at the store and we can give you all the details as well as show you around. We hope to see you soon at The Fussy Duck 🙂


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